Join our Team
If you can say the following about yourself (in no particular order):
  • You thrive on creating innovative solutions.

  • You do not need authority by position to guide a team.

  • You grasp the essence and dynamics of complex systems and situations quickly.

  • You can tell the difference between a symptom and a root cause.

  • You can interact equally well with management and staff, in person or remotely, in groups or individually.

  • You are self-motivated.

  • You understand the core capabilities of information technology.

  • You can create, track, and execute a work-plan against pre-defined objectives.

  • You are proficient in the use of computers.

  • Learning is an integral part of your life.

  • You are seeking a direct relationship between contribution and reward.

  • There is an industry/area of business that you know and understand really well.

  • You are seeking a new environment and outlet for your creativity.

Then drop us an e-mail, we want to get to know you.